The departments at the National Office assist the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of India to fulfill its role and functions, particularly in the context of the current global Plan. The National Spiritual Assembly needs effective channels for the flow of guidance, decisions, encouragement, human resources, literature, information, etc to the Institutions, believers and the community. To this end, the National Assembly has in place an appropriate structure of departments. We share with you in brief about the various departments operating from the National Office. Although each department serves a particular function or responsibility on behalf of the National Spiritual Assembly, they all serve the needs of that same single Institution.

It follows that all staff operate as a team, each within their own distinct spheres but conscious of their overall interconnectedness and their single objective of serving the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of India.

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Department of the Secretariat
Department of Treasury The Department of Treasury handles day to day financial affairs of the National Assembly and its agencies while keeping and managing its accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of the Government of India, and as per the policy of the National Spiritual Assembly. The Department consists of two Offices: Accounts Office and the Office of Fund Development. The Accounts Office is responsible for the proper day-to-day management of funds. The Office of Fund Development is responsible to prepare encouraging materials for the education of the community and institutions related to funds and to generate various reports for the Fund Development officers and the National Treasurer as required from time to time.
Office of Public Affairs
Department of the Comptroller
Department of Statistics The Department of Statistics facilitates the collection, maintenance and analysis of accurate and reliable statistical information at the national, state, and cluster levels. Its focus is on the implementation of sharing of data for the Statistical Report Program in collaboration with institutions and agencies at the cluster, state and national levels. The department establishes a close working relationship with all the State Statistics Officers in India and fosters the development of the capacity of Cluster Development Facilitators to collect, maintain and analyze statistical data through the Statistical Report Program and Cluster Growth Profiles. It also arranges formal training programs for the State Statistics Officers and Cluster Development Facilitators training exercises and provides technical assistance to those State Bahá'í Councils implementing the Statistical Report Program whenever needed.