Eligibility for the Department of Comptroller

Short Term Staff Members Needed:

Yes, however preferably an Indian resident, as rules and regulations of accounting, auditing etc differ for international volunteers. Applicant must be well versed in the field of budgeting, accounting & auditing. As this position entitles very specific skills, the applicant will go through a trial period, determined by the Department of Comptroller, where they will be monitored for some time to proceed further for the desired position.


Audit Assistant

Duration of Service Period:

After trial period, three to six months with a provision for extension of one year or two.


35 years to 50 years of age


Preferably male, as travelling will be involved

Minimal Requirements:
  • Accounting skills
  • Accounts, budgeting, auditing (university degree)
  • Practical experience
  • Fluency in English (fluency in Hindi is an advantage as well)

Further training may be required if applicant is accepted after trial period

Further Information:

Applicants must provide resume consisting of detailed list of experience, at the time of application.

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