Q1. What is the purpose of serving at National Bahá'í Office?

Ans- To serve the National Bahá'í Office as it administers the affairs of the Faith.

Q2. What is expected from people serving at National Bahai Office?

Ans- To display a spirit of joyful, Sacrificial service and Cooperation while they perform their assigned tasks. To carry that same spirit of Service.

Q3. How soon can i apply for service?

Ans- You are welcome to apply upto 2 months prior to your date of availability.

Q4. Who can apply?

Ans- Any Bahá'í in good Standing who is at least 21 years of age and able to offer a minimum of one month.

Q5. What is the minimum period for which a volunteer can apply?

Ans- One Month.

Q6. How long does the recruitment process take?

Ans- The process varies in length but generally takes no more than 15 days.

Q7. What type of Visa must be obtained?

Ans- While applying for a visa to the Indian High Commission/Embassy in your country, we advise you to find out their requirements well in advance. Sometimes, the issuance of a visa may take weeks, sometimes days. Please see that you have adhered to all statutory requirements so that you are not put to any undue hardship once you arrive into India. Visa requirements differ from country to country and change often, so make sure you ve checked thoroughly what sort of visa you will require to enter India. If you want to check it out, the official web site of the Government of visit to India is

Q8. I am planning to be married soon. Can i still apply to serve at the National Bahá'í Office?

Ans- You are still welcome to offer service. Please be sure to state in the information you provide the status of your current circumstances so that they can be taken into account when being considered.

Q9. What if any skills and experience do not seem to be a good match to the positions at the National Bahá'í Office?

Ans- Consider your skills as more than your professional qualifications; Skills can be acquired as a result of involvement in Bahá'í activities, recreational pursuits, etc. While some roles require the application of skills in direct ways (e.g. Information Technology), many positions can be filled by using skills in transferable ways and applying them in the context of a new position (e.g. Management, writing , administration).

Q10. How is the length of time for which i am invited determined?

Ans- The length of one's service is based on the position for which one is invited to fill and one's availability.

Q11. Where I can find information regarding specific departments and positions?


Q12. Are the opportunities for people to do work for the National Bahá'í office from their home country, through computers, email, etc?

Ans- Yes through IT/IS website.


Q1. Is Airfare/Railway to the National Bahá'í Office paid?

Ans- No.

Q2. What do we need to bring?

Ans- This depends on circumstances and will be described if you are invited.

Q3. Are accommodation and meals provided?

Ans- Yes. Shared accommodations and all meals are provided. Additionally, on non working days, Short term staff members will have full access to the kitchen facilities; however, they are responsible for cooking for themselves or eating out.

Q4. Do Staff recieve allowances?

Ans- Yes. Staff who are volunteers, recieve Rs.2000/- per month.

Q5. Is medical insurance provided?

Ans- No. We request the applicant to get medical insurance from the country of residence in case of emergency.