The Department of the Secretariat is made up of the following offices:

Office of Personnel The Office of Personnel is mandated to provide suitable candidates to fill authorized positions in each department or office, to ensure adequate orientation of new staff with regard to service at the National Office; to be concerned generally for staff welfare; and to organize spiritual and intellectual training programmes for staff. The Office of Personnel facilitates the flow of recruitments. Vacancies and the corresponding qualifications for candidates are identified in collaboration with the Heads of the Departments. After approval from the National Spiritual Assembly, the Office of Personnel invites the individual to serve at the National Centre and makes the necessary arrangements for his or her smooth relocation and orientation. The Office of Personnel also takes each new staff member, whether long-term or short-term, through a structured orientation programme that will familiarize the staff member with the workings of all departments and offices operating from the National Office.
Office of Communication and Records The Office of Communication and Records effectively engages in correspondence, provides guidance and retrieves and refers to past decisions and guidance when needed by the National Assembly and its agencies. The Office of Communications and Records assists the Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly in handling correspondence efficiently and reliably, accurately maintains records for the institution, and makes information accessible where necessary. The office deploys its energies, skills and experience and plays an active role in supporting the Assembly's safeguarding of the best interests of the Faith in India.
Office of Facilities The IT Department facilitates the smooth functioning of the National Office by providing computerized access to information and setting up and maintaining a framework to allow departments to share documents and collaborate with each other. It keeps the National Office apprised of the latest technology. It oversees the computerization of archival documents and is also responsible for the maintenance of the websites of the Bahá'ís of India.
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